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Music Tuition

Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard, Drums, Bass, Violin, Band, Performance, Theory and more...

Expert music tuition in Palmerston North and the Manawatu: Any style, any age, any ability.

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Music Makers

Music tuition for any style, any age, any ability.

By learning to make music you are working on a skill that will last a lifetime. Whether you want to play for fun, or work towards grades, we can help. If you want to improve your existing skills and be in encouraging environment to meet and play with others... we'll help you get there. Maybe you want to return to an instrument you played when you were young, or perhaps you want your kids to experience music but don't know where to start - we'd love to chat with you.

Our tutors know their stuff. All of Musician Maker's tutors are gigging, working musicians who understand what it takes to be help you be successful in learning and progressing in your chosen instrument. They're also great people, and amazing teachers.

So, if it's guitar lessons, drum tuition, a singing tutor, or keyboard, bass or ukulele teacher then we can help. We're based in Palmerston North and we've been called Manawatu's Leading Music Studio.

Take a look out our Frequently Asked Questions, check out our lessons, or jump on over to our tutors page. You can enrol online, or get in touch via our contact page.

Young or old, beginner or advanced - we can help

Stuck with your progress on electric guitar? Don't know where to start with piano? Been playing drums for ages and just want to progress your skills? We can help. Whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced; whether you are young or not so young or somewhere in between; whether you play rock, pop, jazz, classical, worship, country, hip-hop, we've got a tutor who can help.

Guitar | Bass | Drums | Vocals | Keyboards | Ukulele | Violin

We have tutors who can teach electric guitar, acoustic guitar and classical guitar. If it's drum teacher you're looking for, we can help. What about keyboards and piano? Yep, we do that too. Bass guitar, ukulele, music theory, band work, performance, recording - yep, that's what we do. Because we have a great team of tutors we can find a guitar teacher, singing teacher, drum teacher, etc, who can encourage the best from you and your music.

When can I start?

You can enrol any time. Just fill in the online enrolment form, hit "send" and we'll be in touch to get you started as soon as possible.

How does it work?

Most of our students take a 30 minute, one-on-one lesson at the same day and time every week. Saying that, if that doesn't work for you and your schedule, let us know and we can figure something out. Around 10% of our students take two or more instruments with us each week, and some take hour-long lessons.

It's not just for kids

Around 35% of our students are adults who are either learning for the first time, or returning to something that they started when they are younger.

What will I learn?

Our lessons are built around what you want to learn and how you learn best, and use musicial styles and songs you can relate to. We find students learn more efficiently, and enjoy lessons more when they are not squeezed into a 'one size fits all' programme.
If it interests you we can offer formal gradings in Rock School, and Trinity, but those who want to learn casually are welcome too.

Music School with a difference

Of course, learning to play guitar, or bass, or whatever your instrument is very important, but you've probably spotted a clue in our name Musician Makers. To be a well-rounded musician is not just about learning to play, it's about understanding how to look after your instrument, how to perform, understanding how songs work, understanding how to 'jam' with others, understanding how to make your own riffs/songs/solos, and so on. Because we're musicians who put our skills into practice in the real world we know about this stuff and can help you too.

Do I need to buy a guitar? Keyboard? Drum kit?

Need help buying your first elecric guitar, bass guitar, drum set, keyboard? We're happy to help our students make decisions on their instrument purchase and we're able to advise the best guitar shops and music shops in town. Should you buy a cheap guitar to start with, or and expensive drum set? Don't stress. We'll help you decide. And if you are not sure about the outlay initially, we can hire you an electric guitar, bass guitar or acoustic guitar while you decide.

Musician Makers Family

We're a family-run business and we understand the commitments that a family has - that's why we have lessons to suit every budget and offer payment plans. The exact cost depends on which tutor and which instrument you want to learn, but to give you an idea, the cost will be between $28.00 and $35.00 per week for the majority of our tutors, and a little bit more if you'd like to learn from one of our Specialist Tutors. Those costs are for one-on-one lessons, when taken once a week across a school term. We do offer group lessons (which are a bit cheaper) but we find students who are serious about their learning get on much quicker with one on one lessons. Also, some students do take one hour lessons, or two 30 minute lessons a week. Just get in touch if you want to know more. All the contact details are on our contact page.

What people say about us

Our students don't just come from Palmerston North. We have students who travel from Feilding, Himatangi, Ashurst, Foxon, Levin, Pahiatua, and many other places. We think we're doing a great job, but don't just take our word for it - have a look at what some of our students say about us below.

The best place to learn guitar

...what a incredible gift Grace is to help me to find my voice, and support me when I stepped out of my comfort zone and sung in one of your concerts. (Vocal student)

guitar lessons by the best teachers

Our family loves Manawatu Musician Makers! Our three children learn a range of instruments between them - guitar, drums and keyboard. They enjoy their lessons as the tutors are positive and encouraging and go the extra mile to help them learn songs they really love. (Acoustic guitar, drums, keyboard students)

The best guitar lessons

By taking lessons, instead of trying to learn by myself, I have been able to increase my confidence and musical ability to new heights. Mark is able to make the complex simple to understand (Electric guitar student).

Learning to play the guitar in Palmerston North

Attending the concerts is a joy for us as parents, knowing the kids are being supported to give their best but most of all to have heaps of fun too. We highly recommend Manawatu Musician Makers! (Guitar student)

Singing lessons for adults

There really isn‘t enough Facebook (review) stars to give justice to the MMM experience. From super class scheduling, fun lessons and a cast of talented, friendly, supportive and patient tutors, to a top class Student Showcase; if you have ever thought of taking that musical step I would encourage you to do it and do it with MMM! (Vocal student)

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