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Our Lessons

Musician Makers has high-calibre music tutors who are able to teach guitar (electric, acoustic and classical) as well as bass, drums, vocals, keyboards and ukulele.

Over 30% of our students are adults who are enjoying the chance to learn a skill that they missed when younger, or didn't progress with.

And with the plenty of opportunities to perform that we are able to provide we give all students the chance to put their skills into practice.

We build our lessons around you, the student, and your aspirations - whether that's to be a Rock Star, prepare for Jazz School, support your NCEA work or just play for fun, we can help.

Instrument Lessons

guitar teacher

Guitar Lessons.

Electric, acoustic, classical or not sure. We have guitar tutors who can teach all styles of guitar in all musical genres. If you are not sure about what style or type of guitar you want to play then our General Guitar course will get you started on all the fundamentals. We have a tutor who will suit your style.

drum tuition

Drum Lessons.

Like bass players, drummers are never short of a gig. Our drum students can work to our in-house programme or to an external grading such as Rockschool. With the concerts that we run and get involved in there are plenty of opportunities to join with our other students to put your drumming into practice in a safe and fun environment. Our drum teachers have all been there and done it on a real stage with real experiences, so will get you fast-tracked into being a complete drummer as quickly as possible.

Piano teacher

Keyboards/Piano Lessons.

We use modern songs and a modern syllabus to teach our piano and keyboard students. Our piano tutors are vibrant and able to teach using songs that you will know and enjoy whilst still teaching you to "play properly".


singing lessons

Vocal Lessons.

Want to find out if you have a voice? Want to improve your singing technique? Our voice coaching will give you the skills to use your voice properly without damaging that delicate instrument. Our singing teachers will use songs that you enjoy yet give you the challenge that you need to progress at your own pace.

Bass Lessons.

There's a saying that goes something like - if you are a bass player you are never out of a gig and our bass teachers can prove that. We offer our students a range of musical styles and genres on the bass guitar and can follow the Rockschool and Trinity Rock and Pop syllabus.

Ukulele class

Ukulele Lessons.

The ukulele is such an accessible and versatile instrument and a great place to start if you are not sure what other instrument you want to play. The size and simplicity is often attractive for smaller younger people but plenty of adults find the ukulele fun to play also. Our ukulele lessons will get you started quickly and help you to realise that musical dream.

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