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guitar lessons and guitar tutor


With all of our courses we can start with absolute beginners, players who have been playing for some time, or advanced players. Many of our students are young, but a high percentage are also taking up an instrument later in life. Our courses are tailored to suit your needs, we go at your speed and use musical styles that you will enjoy and can relate to. If formal study is your thing then we offer Rockschool, Trinity college and study towards NCEA music. If not, then that's fine too.

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guitar lessons and guitar tutor

General guitar lessons

Just starting out? Not sure what type of guitar you want to play? That's why we offer a General Guitar course that will get you started. All the skills that you learn in this course will be helpful if you specialise later. We run our own grading system to Level 3 (generally our students move to a more specialist area by then), which covers chord playing, note reading, improvisation and some theory.

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Learn to play the guitar

Electric guitar

Our tutors can cover rock, metal, blues, jazz and other techniques required for electric guitar. We offer the Rockschool and Trinity series of studies and exams or just provide assistance with the NCEA school curriculum. Or maybe you just want to learn to solo or improvise. All of our electric guitar teachers have also been gigging guitarists so can add real-world experience to the learning experience - for example improvising solos, working with other guitar players in the band, getting the right sounds out of your amp and effects pedals.

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Learn to play the guitar in Palmerston North

Acoustic Guitar)

Fingerpicking, singer-songwriter, worship leader or camp-fire strummer - we can cover all aspects of acoustic guitar. Like our electric guitar course our teachers have real world experience of playing in public and can use those skills (even if it is just around the camp-fire) to help you gain the most from your guitar playing. With our contacts around the city we are able to provide plenty of opportunities for our students to perform and play in public if they so desire.

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Guitar tutor in Palmerston North

Classical Guitar

If classical guitar is your passion we have some of the best classical guitarists in the country who are able to lead you though your learning experience. We offer London's Trinity College as an exam syllabus for those who are interested, and like the other guitar courses on offer we can help find students places to perform.

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Singing lessons, Vocal coachings, voice lessons, learn to sing

Vocals, Singing, Voice

Our singing lessons concentrate on the techniques required for singing modern pop, rock, contemporary worship type vocals. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced vocalist we can help you improve your technique. If performing is your thing then there are plenty of opportunities to put your singing into practice at our regular concerts. Our vocal tutors are people who regularly perform and record so they understand the way to use your voice in live performance (but shower singers are also welcome!)

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piano lessons, keyboard tutor

Keyboards, Piano

Our piano and keyboard lessons give you the skills to play modern pop/rock tunes and accompaniments in a solo or band environment rather than traditional classical piano. (But don't worry, we do teach you to play 'properly'!) Again we use the Trinity and Rockschool programmes where appropriate and we are happy to work with any material you would like to use.

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Drum kit lessons, drum tuition


Like bass players, drummers are never short of a gig. Our drum students can work to our in-house programme or to an external grading such as Rockschool. With the concerts that we run and get involved in there are plenty of opportunities to join with our other students to put your drumming into practice in a safe environment.

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bass guitar lessons

Bass Guitar

There's a saying that goes something like - if you are a bass player you are never out of a gig and our bass tutors can prove that. We offer our students a range of musical styles and genres on the bass guitar and can follow the Rockschool and Trinity Rock and Pop syllabus.

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ukulele classes


Our Ukulele classes are run in groups and they are a great way to learn a new skill while having fun with others. We run at a relaxed pace and base the course around leaning familiar songs with elements of music theory and technique as they relate to the ukulele

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Band programme

Band Starter, Band Programme

In a band and want to find out how to get better? Not in a band but want to be? We offer a Band Programme for established bands and a Band Starter Programme for people not yet in a band but would like to be. We cover various topics with plenty of practical exercises and work which our students find very rewarding and helpful.

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Music theory lessons, music theory teacher, music theory tutor

Music theory

We believe that to become an accomplished musician you need not only to be able to play your instrument, but to understand what you are playing. Music theory isn't just about reading music, it's about understanding what scales work, how chords are made, and how to construct melodies and songs. We include theory in most of our instrument lessons but for students studying for (for example) NCEA music, we offer specialist theory study lessons and can help with NCEA performances in our instrument lessons.

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Workshops, short courses

A vital part of any instrumentalist's skills should be how to look after and maintain their instrument and to know how to get the most out of a sound system (even if there is a sound engineer). We run regular workshops on topics such as basic guitar maintenance (including changing your strings), understanding PA systems, how to tune your drums and what to look for in a good instrument. If you have a topic you would like us to cover then let us know and we'll see what we can do. In the long run having these basic skills can save you money and may get you out of a fix one day!.

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