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As well as providing instrument lessons we believe that it's important for our students to become equipped with a full set of skills that a modern musician will require. To support that we provide a number of workshops and special programmes.

Sound systems training

A Musician's Introduction to PA systems

In this workshop we look at the basics of a Sound System and how it works from a Musician's perspective. Even if you are working with a sound engineer it's important for a musician to understand the basics of this technology as it helps them communicate their needs to the sound engineer and work around basic troubleshooting issues.

Music theory lessons, music theory teacher, music theory tutor

Band Starter

Students often would like to enjoy the band experience but are not yet in a band or not sure where to start. Our Band Starter programme runs to give these students experiences of making music together. The programme is a structured course looking at various aspects of making music in a band, with plenty of practical work.

Band Programme

Band Programme

Over the years a number of bands have formed through the studio as students have met and worked together. To recognise this we created our Band Programme. This course works with bands who are already formed and teaches them the skills to work together to make music and perform it.

songwriting workshop

Song writing Workshop

Musicians love to express themselves and song writing is one way to do that. In this workshop we look at the concepts behind writing lyrics, creating melodies, building arrangements as well as other aspects of crafting a song. We look at how theory helps us to know what chords and harmonies to use, as well as understanding different rhythmic devices.

Music theory lessons, music theory teacher, music theory tutor

Music theory

We believe that to become an accomplished musician you need not only to be able to play your instrument, but to understand what you are playing. Music theory isn't just about reading music, it's about understanding what scales work, how chords are made, and how to construct melodies and songs. We include theory in most of our instrument lessons but for students studying for (for example) NCEA music, we offer specialist theory study lessons.


Instrument Maintenance

A vital part of any instrumentalist's skills should be how to look after and maintain their instrument. We run regular workshops on topics such as basic guitar maintenance (including changing your strings), how to tune your drums and what to look for in a good instrument. If you have a topic you would like us to cover then let us know and we'll see what we can do. In the long run having these basic skills can save you money and may get you out of a fix one day!.

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